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About ABCanada

Why Us ?

"Alliance Borealis's technical support and customer service is second-to-none!"
-Jolette Kooger, Caron Transporation Systems
“Alliance Borealis has provided us with high-quality services and tools to manage our H&S department. The support team offers the fastest response by far and has been really helpful.”
Asttrid Utria-Beltran, NEP Canada ULC
“Delphi Energy Corp. has been with Alliance Borealis since 2008. Both programs have met and exceeded out health, safety, and environment requirements (including ABCan-Track incident reporting) and we actively recommended their products to other producers.”
-Delphi Energy Corp.
We are a small and incredibly efficient team that never shies away from challenge. Since 1997, we have conquered major projects all over the world and have used the knowledge we’ve gained to create our online, expertly designed health, safety and environmental programs and incident tracking system. We are able to maintain and sell these with minimal overhead and pass along the economic benefits onto our clients. We put our customers first and work very hard to ensure our systems, services, and pricing surpass your expectations.

We Strongly Believe That:
  • Companies have a right to do business and make a profit
  • Workers have a right to be protected and so do CEOs
  • Protecting the environment is a MUST not a SHOULD
  • Cost should never be a barrier to protecting workers and the environment.
  • Protecting workers and the environment should be a positive experience and a positive business decision.
  • Every near miss and every incident is an opportunity to learn and improve.

The cost of protecting workers and the environment must contribute to profitability, not challenge it. We believe profitability and worker protection are not mutually exclusive so we offer flexible terms and conditions to make sure that your health, safety and environment program is a positive business decision and a positive management experience.
It is our goal to provide you with an affordable health, safety and environment program designed to meet all of your compliance needs.

Meet our team!
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