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Custom Solutions, Customer Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Why Us ?

“The wisdom and deep knowledge that Alliance Borealis provides us on an ongoing basis is invaluable. And being able to use the online ScorpioSystem is a time saver!"
-KP, Freshwater Creative
"Expedient quarterly updates at no extra cost are a huge benefit."
-David Sealock, VP Corporate Operations, Sunshine Oilsands Ltd.


It all comes down to listening to our customers and following through on their feedback.

Custom Solutions

Beyond the basics: customizing your HSE program to capture everything that makes your company unique.

All companies share similar requirements when it comes to basic health, safety and environmental regulations, but not every company is effectively served by off-the-shelf health, safety and environmental programs that address those regulated requirements.

As a company that prides itself on our off-the-shelf programs (we’ve spent several decades creating and continuously improving them), we have also assisted many companies through the process of customizing those programs to meet their very specific needs.

Here are a few examples (for more, check our Blog):

  • Mid-sized oil and gas company needed 11 versions of the same program: In 2015-16, we helped a Calgary based oil and gas producer re-organize and modify our largest HSE Software(LibraSystem™ O&G) to better address the needs of its many divisions. We created a unique version for each division along with one version for the corporate level. Each version shares relevant common content and also contains content and forms specific to the division. The corporate version acts as an umbrella for the full set of programs, providing links to each divisional version. When users log in, they land on the corporate home page and then choose their division. Once in their divisional site, they see only what is relevant to them in a site that is branded with their division name and a unique color. We were also able to create a pass-thru login so that once an employee logs into the corporate network, they can access their HSE program without a second login. They simply click a link on their intranet home page and are automatically logged into their HSE program, which is hosted on our servers.
  • ISNetworld requires customizations as part of RAV process: The ISNetworld Review and Verification (RAV) process has caused a number of our customers to customize their HSE programs. They begin with one of our programs (LibraSystem™ or ScorpioSystem™) and we work with them to interpret ISN’s requirements, adding and modifying content and forms as needed to ensure they pass the RAV process. Typically, the customizations required are related to job and site-specific requirements that are unique to each customer, resulting in a task that requires focussed attention to detail that the customer hasn’t the time for. With our help, our customers have gotten through the RAV process and achieved ISN approvals much faster than if they’d done it on their own or with other HSE programs.
  • Custom policies, practices and forms need development: Periodically we have customers who need custom policies, practices or forms to address a unique need in their operations. We work with the customer to define the need and then do our research, either finding current published resources that provide good source information or by visiting the worksite and working directly with the people involved in the operation. From that point, we draft content for the customer to review and then refine it for inclusion in their program.
  • Printed NCR forms are required in the field: Frequently we receive requests from our customers to take our online HSE forms (e.g., safe work permits, inspection forms and other) and have them printed into NCR books that can be used in the field. We work with local printers to turn this around as quickly as possible and at a reasonable price.


Customer Feedback

Our biggest concern is what our customers think of us.

We believe our number one focus is to make sure they have what they need when they need it and feel they are well looked after. Here are some of the comments and results from our 2016 customer satisfaction survey:

“ABCan-Track has allowed us to record and track our incidents better and more consistently from our previous method.”

“We have been dealing directly with Alliance Borealis since 2011 and they have always been good with responding and/or providing the information requested.”

All respondents indicated they were very satisfied with our response time to their requests for support, training and customizations.

All respondents indicated that they believed the products and services they purchased from us were a “Good value, worth what they paid for.”

Most respondents said they “Definitely will” or “Probably will” recommend our products to others.

Continuous Improvement

We believe that whatever we choose to do for our customers, we need to strive to do it better than anyone else.

Our continuous improvement process is not complicated, but it is critically important to us and includes:

  • Ongoing reviews of regulations and industry standards related to our products
  • Regular updates to our software based on those ongoing reviews
  • Customer satisfaction surveys and feedback requests
  • Upgrades to our products and services based on what we learn from customer surveys and feedback, as well as from our knowledge of what is happening in the industries we support

Contact us for more details.