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HSE Consulting

Why Us ?

"We often hosts onsite customers and regulatory audits. I love demonstrating the details of ABCan-Track to auditors - comments are very positive!"
-Jolette Kooger, Caron Transporation Systems
“Frequent updates ensure that the topics reflect the most current regulatory changes as well as industry best practices. Overall we are very satisfied with both LibraSystemO&G and ABCan-Track and would highly recommend them for adoption by any small to medium company.”
-Gary Mann, Sonde Resources

HSE Consulting: Integrated HSE Management Services

Helping you with day-to-day HSE management

In addition to providing fully integrated and compliant online health, safety and environment (HSE) programs, we provide a full suite of support services for these programs. Under the direction of our in-house Sr. Environment & Regulatory Advisor (a P.Eng and Master Electrician), we offer the following services at very competitive rates:

Due Diligence and Environmental Services

  • Phase I, II and III environmental site assessments
  • Due diligence assessments
  • Phase I confidential site environmental liability assessment reports for oil and gas sites
  • Oil and gas site surface abandonment assessments
  • Management of site abandonments, surface equipment removal, contaminated soil removal, in-situ remediation, and contaminated site groundwater monitoring programs
  • Groundwater reports
  • Spill reports and remedial action reports


  • Design
  • Facility applications in Alberta (AER D-56), BC (KERMIT) and Saskatchewan (ECON-47 & PNG001) 
  • Pressure piping registration in Alberta (ABSA), BC (BCSA) and Saskatchewan (TSA)
  • Design and specification of storage facilities in compliance with AER D-55 storage requirements
  • Assistance with AER D-60 site flaring and venting compliance, solution gas conservation and provision of economics required to validate flaring or venting of gas above conservation guidelines
  • Green house gas site assessments and assistance with reduction initiatives 
  • AER D-38 noise impact assessments to support AER D-56 facility applications
  • AER D-001 site specific liability assessments

Pipeline Design

  • Pipeline water crossing design, and notification
  • Assistance with qualified aquatic environmental specialist (QAES) assessments
  • AER D-56, BC KERMIT and Saskatchewan Ministry of Economy (ER-724) pipeline applications complete with audit binders for new pipelines, line splits, substance change, MOP change, abandonments, reactivations and discontinuations

Unlike large engineering firms, we don’t have huge overhead to support so we can offer these services for substantially lower costs. Contact us to discuss these services and request a quote.