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Incident Reporting

When incidents and near misses happen, our cloud-based Incident Reporting and Tracking Software can help you ensure that they wont happen again! Use our online software to identify and track trends, document investigations, and root causes, and assign corrective actions and notifications to ensure a safer future at your worksites.

Effective incident reporting reduces future incidents

Thankfully not every worksite incident is a catastrophe, and one of the best ways to prevent catastrophic incidents is to learn as much as you can from the smaller incidents and near misses happening on your worksites. To make that possible, you need consistent reporting and the collection of good data. With our ABCan-Track™ Incident Reporting and Tracking Software, you and your employees can easily report incidents and near misses, collect and monitor incident data for trends, and implement positive changes through the assignment and tracking of corrective actions. ABCan-Track also gives you a huge range of options for customizing the report form, sending out notifications, viewing and analyzing data, and so much more. And it is priced to fit every budget…really!

Fast, Easy, Consistent!
Create and file incident reports quickly, data collected is consistently high-quality and allows effective analysis.
Take our incident report as is or customize any part of it to better fit your operations, workplace hazards and risks.
Built-in Notifications
Select notification triggers, customize notification messages, and let the system keep your people informed.
Correct Problems
Assign and track corrective actions, keep informed of tasks that fall overdue, and demonstrate true due diligence.
Charts & Graphs
Create custom data tables, charts and graphs in seconds; sort, filter and export data as CSV, JPEG, PDF and more.
Permission Controls
Exercise complete control over what users can see, what they can edit, what they can export, print and share with others.

Our incident reporting and management system ABCan-Track is online so you spend less time managing incident and investigation reports and have more time available for identifying and fixing problems that cause incidents. Designed to be user-friendly so that anyone can input incident data with ease, ABCan-Track helps you accurately record and manage all kinds of incidents, from near misses to major events. Once vital information is recorded, you can assign corrective actions, generate statistics and identify trends in a matter of minutes!

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