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Incident Reporting Software

Why Us ?

"We often hosts onsite customers and regulatory audits. I love demonstrating the details of ABCan-Track to auditors - comments are very positive!"
-Jolette Kooger, Caron Transporation Systems
“Frequent updates ensure that the topics reflect the most current regulatory changes as well as industry best practices. Overall we are very satisfied with both LibraSystemO&G and ABCan-Track and would highly recommend them for adoption by any small to medium company.”
-Gary Mann, Sonde Resources

Incident Reporting Software

ABCan-Track: Online Incident Reporting and Tracking Software

Every incident or near miss is an opportunity to learn and improve.

No one wants them, but when they happen, incidents and near misses can be used to learn and teach others how to improve workplace safety. But you need consistent reporting and good data to make that happen. Our ABCan-Track Incident Reporting and Tracking Software ensures you get both, gives you a huge range of options for customizing the report form, sending out notifications, viewing and analyzing data, assigning and tracking corrective actions, and so much more. And because we believe cost should never be a barrier to protecting workers and the environment, the subscription price will fit any budget.

Report Form Customizations

  • Use the default report form exactly as is or change it to better fit your operations by changing default report content and adding custom checklists, drop-downs and text fields throughout.
  • Hide fields you don’t need.
  • Create your own help pop-ups to go with any field to ensure your users know exactly what you want them to do.

Tables, Charts and Graphs

  • Create and save custom data tables.
  • Create and view a variety charts (pie, bar and line), and graphs.
  • Sort, filter and export any data from any table to Excel (e.g., incident data, user data, corrective actions, notifications and more).

Users and Permissions

  • Add and remove users with a few clicks.
  • Set up permissions to control what they can see, what they can edit, what they can export, print and more.

Monitor user and report history

  • See who’s logging and when.
  • Access older versions of reports in read-only format.
  • See a running chronology of comments added to any report along with the author’s name and date.

Reaching Out

  • Get more information from the person who reported the incident, or ask for an update on an assigned corrective action. A single click lets you email from inside the report and data tables.
  • Create printable/emailable versions of incident reports on the fly, choose and organize the information you need, and save custom templates for re-use.

Poor Internet Connection?

  • Once logged in, keep filling out your report even if you lose your internet connection. Your data is saved locally until your connection is restored so you don’t lose time or information.

Adding Company Procedures

  • Upload your company’s incident reporting and investigating procedures to ensure your users know exactly what you expect.

Notifications and Email Templates

  • Automatically trigger email notifications to anyone you choose. For example, set the system to notify your HR manager whenever an injury is reported, or the president whenever a high-severity incident is recorded.
  • Create notification templates that provide all the necessary details with an easy-to use authoring and formatting tool.

Multi-Language Versions

  • Currently available in English, Russian and Turkish.
  • Can be provided in other languages as well.


  • Access a variety of video tutorials to guide you through.
  • Chat with us online or call our toll-free support line.


  • ABCan-Track is hosted and backed up in SOC1 audited and certified facilities so your data is very well protected.

Our incident reporting and management system ABCan-Track™ is online so you spend less time managing incident and investigation reports and have more time available for identifying and fixing problems that cause incidents. Designed to be user-friendly so that anyone can input incident data with ease, ABCan-Track helps you accurately record and manage all kinds of incidents, from near misses to major catastrophes. Once vital information is recorded, you can assign corrective actions, generate statistics and identify trends in a matter of minutes!

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