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Safety & Environment Software

Why Us ?

"Alliance Borealis's technical support and customer service is second-to-none!"
-Jolette Kooger, Caron Transporation Systems
“Alliance Borealis has provided us with high-quality services and tools to manage our H&S department. The support team offers the fastest response by far and has been really helpful.”
Asttrid Utria-Beltran, NEP Canada ULC
“Delphi Energy Corp. has been with Alliance Borealis since 2008. Both programs have met and exceeded out health, safety, and environment requirements (including ABCan-Track incident reporting) and we actively recommended their products to other producers.”
-Delphi Energy Corp.


Our HSE software is all online, making them easy to access, easy to share with your employees and contractors, and very reasonably priced. They offer comprehensive safety and environmental policies, practices and forms, are updated regularly and are completely customizable. They even set you up perfectly for COR-SECOR certification and HSE registry compliance.


We’ve worked with hundreds of companies across North America and around the world. Our customers come from oil and gas, mining, construction, transportation and government. Our number one concern is to ensure every customer gets what they need, when they need it, at a price that makes sense and with the confidence that we care about their business as much as they do.


Every company has different challenges, even when they share the same regulated HSE requirements. Our HSE software make it easy for most companies to meet their requirements, but in some cases, we’ve customized our programs to better fit the customer. For some, organizational structure and culture create the need for customization, in others, their operations do.