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The solution that gives you the best chance at improving your HSE performance without exhausting your HSE budget. Introducing the upcoming release of STELLAR HSE Management and Tracking software.

A Dashboard that tells you where you’re at, what you need to do and gives you tools to get the job done. For many users, they’ll never go any deeper than their Dashboard!
A full HSE Tracking module covering key leading and lagging indicators, all of which can be customized by you. You really don’t need us but we’ll always be here for you.
Analytics that come with dozens of default stats and charts to get you started, plus tools for creating your own. Easily share them with other users and watch them update live.
A module for Setting Goals and monitoring progress. Use it to let everyone know where you want to go and see progress live. It’s a terrific motivator and game changer!
Notifications that can reach anyone and everyone they need to. You have full control over deciding who needs notifications, what information they receive, and how often.
HSE Program
A complete HSE  Program with an easy-to use Document Management System. Choose from our extensive library of current policies, work practices and forms or add your own.
Regulatory and industry updates that help you keep on top of change in your industry and jurisdiction. We monitor dozens of regulators and industries to keep you up to date.
Oodles of embedded help with Orientation and Training videos, FAQs, tech support and an online assistant. And if that isn’t enough, we run webinars and in-person training too!
Integration with other business applications to make the process even more efficient. We can connect STELLAR to a variety of applications to minimize data duplication.

…And the set-up process that takes days, not weeks, not months, but days. Once you decide what you want to do, we can have you up and running with STELLAR speed!

Stay tuned for more information and announcements or if you’d rather not wait…

At ABCanada, we can’t stop thinking about how HSE stats and key performance indicators translate into positive actions on the ground. After three years of research, design and development, we figured out that two of the biggest gaps between the data you collect and the people you protect is the allocation of time and budget. We believe the time it takes to collect and interpret your safety data may be slowing you down. We also believe you may be spending too much time and money on data management, leaving less of both available on the ground.

The data you collect and the way you use it have to make it easier for your company to be agile and flexible in responding to HSE risks where they happen. Although our software solutions are in the cloud, your HSE risks aren’t – they are right in front of you. The two have come together so you can make effective decisions and implement productive change.

That’s why we are so excited to introduce you to our STELLAR HSE Management Software.

At ABCanada, we don’t want to stop until we see real change in safety culture. We think differently, we act differently, and we do what it takes to deliver real results to you, our customers. We are not just responsible for serving you, but for helping you protect your people, your projects, your bottom line and your right to operate.

We strongly believe that:

  • Companies have a right to do business and make a profit
  • Workers have a right to be protected and so do CEOs
  • Protecting the environment is a MUST not a SHOULD
  • Cost should never be a barrier to protecting workers and the environment.
  • Protecting workers and the environment should be a positive experience and a positive business decision.
  • Every near miss and every incident is an opportunity to learn and improve.

At ABCanada we don’t treat HSE initiatives as check box exercises and we don’t take short cuts when it comes to protecting workers and the environment. Buying our software is not a finality- it’s simply the beginning of your journey toward implementing a strong safety culture within your organization, and we will be there every step of the way. Selling you our software isn’t the end of our job. Support, training and continuous improvement are a part of our mission. It is our goal to provide you with an affordable health, safety and environment program designed to meet all of your compliance needs.