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Jeff Chernichen – P.Eng., Sr. Environment & Regulatory Advisor

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I have been involved in the Canadian Oil and Gas industry for more than 21 years as an environmental/regulatory advisor and a capital project manager using the skills I acquired as both an engineer and master electrician. For more than 10 of these years my primary work focus has been on the environmental/regulatory side of the industry managing remediation, reclamation and abandonment projects.

I have also conducted numerous phase I, II and III site assessments, environmental liability assessments and acted as the key contact for clients with the regulatory bodies involved, and I have conducted Directive 1 site-specific liability assessments. For two years I worked as Senior Environmental Engineer/Project Manager for BP Canada’s GHG reduction initiative.

On the regulatory side, I have operated as project manager on a province-wide pipeline licensing validation project for ConocoPhillips while at the same time acting as project manager for the client to ensure the timely conclusion of field and office activities within the client’s organization. This project involved the review of over 8400 pipeline segments and required the submission of over 2500 amendments to the EUB (now AER). In addition I have made many D56 applications for new pipelines and facilities for clients, including ones that required QAES assessments and complicated field reviews to determine if SAR issues may be involved. On the air side I have assisted clients in preparing D-60 conservation economics for sites that exceed the solution gas flaring guidelines of 900 m3 per day. I have also assisted clients in preparing and reporting release volumes for NPRI reporting, assisted in fugitive gas emissions studies and reduction programs as well as dehy vent gas and stripping gas reduction programs.

On the capital projects side I have worked as Principal Project Engineer providing support for producers on a variety of brown filed and green field projects from single well batteries to field compressor stations.

Recently I worked as a project manager assisting Devon Canada facilities engineers in the Swan Hills and Dunvegan regions for brown field projects on oil and gas facilities. Projects included a high-pressure fast-fill NG fueling station for operations vehicles, oil battery high- and low-pressure flare system redesign and consolidation into a dual-air-assisted flare stacks as well as numerous engineering studies. I was also responsible for ongoing multi-year regulatory driven pipeline replacement program in Swan Hills.

I hold P.Eng Status in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan and a Master Electrician license in the Province of Alberta.

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