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About Us

Protecting workers and the environment should be
a positive business decision and experience.

Our story

Alliance Borealis Canada Corp. (ABCanada) is focussed on helping companies improve their health, safety and environmental (HSE) performance. (Please excuse us if you prefer to call it environment, health and safety or EHS performance.) We’ve managed major projects all over the world. Founders Jim Swiss and Cari Chernichen combined their skill sets in workplace safety and environmental management, technical communications and software design to create ABCanada in 1997. Since then, they’ve assembled a dedicated team of client care, business and software development specialists. Together, we make sure that clients always get our best.

Our goal is to become your HSE partner, not just your safety software vendor

ABCanada provides solutions that work at every level of your company, from workers to CEO’s. Our software and services make it easier for you to improve safety performance and productivity while ensuring cost-efficiency. We run a tight ship with low overhead while creating HSE software that performs to the same standards, or higher, than our biggest competitors.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the Canadian HSE software industry. And, we have another 15 years in local and international HSE management. Our founders, who still run the company today, know firsthand what safety means to front line workers and management. Developing programs and applications to meet the needs of both is the focal point of our business .

Above all, ABCanada’s goal is to help workers and companies improve their HSE knowledge
and their HSE performance.

Our STELLAR HSE software solution is designed to adapt to and enhance your HSE processes, enabling the fastest and smoothest implementation. Consequently, this results in optimal HSE performance and overall productivity while reducing costs from incidents and inefficient processes.

Why ABCanada?

We build our software to put maximum control in our clients’ hands.

We’re here to support you, but our software makes it easy to make changes yourself. That means you accomplish changes faster and without extra fees.

We are an agile team that responds quickly and effectively to our clients.

Every team member is immersed in their projects so that any of them can assist you effectively.

Our clients’ perspectives profoundly influence our software.

We asked what our clients needed and how they work. We actively listened and built our software to fit.

Quality and service drive our pricing, not shareholder return.

We are a privately held company operating at maximum cost-efficiency so we can offer exceptional pricing.

We treat every client as a partner.

What we learn from you is what ultimately makes us successful.

Meet Our Senior Management Team

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