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Clients always have access to our decision-makers

Our client list extends from very small to very large companies and includes leading national and international industry organizations. 

Our clients always come first, and we work hard to ensure our products, services and pricing surpass their expectations.  We bring an energetic, highly-skilled and tight-knit team to every software implementation, and leave behind unnecessary overhead.

Because we are an owner-operated safety software company, our clients always have access to our decision-makers and the people who know the most about our products.

Why work with us?

Fast, supported implementation:

  • Our onboarding process is straightforward and fully supported by our team.
  • Clients can be up and running a matter of days.
  • Users have 24/7 access to training and support.

Efficient customization:

  • Our software is designed for users and built for easy, no-cost customization.
  • STELLAR HSE is easily adaptable so clients don’t have to sacrifice their goals and business processes to fit a rigid off-the-shelf solution.

Results-oriented partnership:

  • Many of our clients directly influence the continuous improvement of our software, ensuring it best meets HSE and business objectives.

Return on investment:

  • STELLAR HSE ensures adoption, consistent implementation and increased productivity.
  • It gives clients every opportunity to learn and improve HSE performance based on the data they collect in the software.

What people say?

We have used Alliance Borealis for our Corporate HSE since 2006. It is the most comprehensive and up to date online HSE management system. We have also been able to customize our HSE to include all of our Site Specific ERPs.​
We signed up with Alliance Borealis about six years ago. The program has met and exceeded our HSE requirements (including ABCan Track Incident reporting) and I have actively recommended to other producers. Great job Jim and Cari!​
Alliance Borealis has provided us with high quality services and tools to manage our Health and Safety department. The support team offers the fastest response by far and has been really helpful. We are excited about the new changes!​

We have adopted LibraSystem and ABCanTrack as the platform for our HSE management systems and have been very favorably impressed with these tools. The content is very comprehensive and readily adaptable to meet our specific needs. The frequent updates ensure that the topics reflect the most current regulatory changes as well as industry best practices. Overall we are very satisfied with these systems and would highly recommend them for adoption by small to medium size upstream oil and gas operators.

Oil and Gas

Jim, Just to let you know. I have told [Another Company] that I received very good service from you and your company for a reasonable cost and if they have any contractors that are having trouble getting approved with ISN to send them your way. I appreciate your time and effort you put into my company. My company provides quality service in the oilfield and my expectations of other companies are the same. You will be receiving referrals from myself and [Another Company]. Thank you again.

Oil and Gas

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