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We never rest on our accomplishments

Over 20 years, we developed three significant systems- LibraSystem ™, ScorpioSystem™ and ABCan-Track™ and implemented them for hundreds of companies.

We never rest on our accomplishments. We are always finding ways to improve our systems and bring our clients the highest quality software. Everything we produce reflects our beliefs. Clients are our partners because what we learn from them is what ultimately makes us successful. In other words, our clients’ perspectives always influence our software. We asked what our clients needed and how they work, and we actively listened and built our software to fit.

Protecting workers and the environment go hand in hand with protecting the right of companies to operate. Our experience with our clients and their use of our products fueled the creation and development of our cloud-based, expertly designed STELLAR HSE Management and Tracking software. This innovative program allows clients to efficiently manage and share HSE documents, as well as reporting and tracking incidents and a variety of leading safety indicators. It also provides substantial features for generating notifications, reports, analytics and versatile dashboards.

LibraSystem™, our Health, Safety and Environment programs come loaded with comprehensive safety and environmental policies, practices and forms, are updated regularly and are completely customizable. They even set you up perfectly for COR-SECOR certification and HSE registry compliance. You’ll find our LibraSystem™ (for mid-sized and larger companies) and ScorpioSystem™ (for small companies) full of relevant HSE policies, best practices, task-specific procedures and forms. They’re all based on industry best practices and regulated requirements, and we update them for you as requirements change. The content is practical, user-friendly, easy to search, review and print, and it can be customized to meet your specific needs. We can you set up in a matter of days (or hours if you’re really in a hurry), and the pricing is very, very compelling!

Thankfully not every worksite incident is a catastrophe, and one of the best ways to prevent catastrophic incidents is to learn as much as you can from the smaller incidents and near misses happening on your worksites. To make that possible, you need consistent reporting and the collection of good data. With our ABCan-Track™ Incident Reporting and Tracking Software, you and your employees can easily report incidents and near misses, collect and monitor incident data for trends, and implement positive changes through the assignment and tracking of corrective actions. ABCan-Track also gives you a huge range of options for customizing the report form, sending out notifications, viewing and analyzing data, and so much more. Set up takes as little as a day (although we suggest at least two), and it is priced to fit every budget…really!

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