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A few years ago, I briefly held a job with a large and well-known construction company as a recruiter for one of their Fort McMurray projects.

For some reason or another, they sent me to their camp for four long days to help their admin team. On day two, I participated in a New Workers Orientation, and it started with an Ice Breaker. We were going to go around the room, share our names, where we were from, and a safety tip.

  • “Honk twice when you reverse the truck”
  • “Keep your brain bucket on everywhere on-site.”
  • “No cell phones while working or driving.”
  • “The top rung of the ladder is not a step unless it was specifically designed to be one”
  • “Know where all the fire extinguishers are throughout your worksite and know how to use them.”

There were thirty-two tips before it was my turn. Having no safety background and having never been on site before, I blurt out the first thing that came to mind…

“If it’s hot, don’t touch it!”… It was that or “Don’t run with scissors.” Either way, it was apparent to everyone that I was from Head Office and clearly out of my depth.

Do not worry, though! I’m not the brains behind ABCanada’s Safety and Environment Programs or their Incident Reporting Software. That would be Jim and Cari.

My role and responsibilities have varied since joining the company in February 2014. I have worked on client requests like content changes, creating forms, getting booklets and brochures printed, assembling offline documents, and setting up systems for new clients. I have even assisted with in-depth client projects where we customized the entire system to meet the company’s needs from top to bottom over several months.

While I still help with assorted tasks, marketing has become my focus. Print and promotional materials, customer satisfaction surveys, and tradeshows are part of my responsibilities, but most of my time is spent online building, creating and managing our website, social media and overall web presence. I completed the Mount Royal Digital Communications Certificate in December 2015, which was a fantastic addition to my Journalism course through SAIT.

In case you were wondering, “If it’s hot, don’t touch it” was also an answer I gave to Jim and Cari when they interviewed me for the temporary administrative position I was hired for back in 2014. Although I have not lived down that safety tip with my friends or family, it has helped me land a fantastic job that I love and has decreased the number of burns I get as I learn how to navigate in the kitchen.

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