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STELLAR HSE Management and Tracking software empowers  clients to achieve their HSE goals with as much or as little support as they choose. Customize preloaded content, upload your own documents, tweak setting…with or without our help

Customizing our HSE Tracking Software

Our HSE Tracking module within STELLAR HSE provides many customization options. Almost 95% of the fields in every form allow administrators to make changes. For example, field names, the content of dropdowns and lists, even the context-sensitive help is in your control. Custom fields and entire custom sections can also be added to any form quickly and efficiently. And, we’ve built in controls to prevent client errors, such as deleting fields or values and losing data.

Building on our HSE Program to create or supplement yours

Our HSE Program module in STELLAR HSE contains standardized content and forms. They’re all based on industry best practices and regulatory requirements. However, all of them can be customized or replaced to meet your company’s specific HSE needs!
You can pick and choose which of our documents you want, upload your own and define how they’re organized. As your documents change, you can replace them and let STELLAR HSE automatically keep track of every version. You’ll also have access to the complete document history. In addition, we’re here to help you create new policies, procedures , practices and forms as needed.

See what's happening in real time with the Dashboard

STELLAR HSE’s dashboards offer customizable views of current analytics. They’re a workspace for users to view and update their current reports and activities. These customizable views show live analytics and come with a mini-desktop that provides fast access to assigned tasks, work in progress, notifications and more.

Creating targeted email notifications

This feature enables you to create and assign an unlimited number of email notifications based on triggers from the HSE Tracking and HSE Program modules. While it comes with built-in notifications to get you up and running, within STELLAR HSE’s notification module, you can make your own. You can choose what will trigger a notification and have the power to decide whom it goes to, what the message contains, and how often the emails goes out. Things like locations, work activities, risk levels, past due actions, changes to the status of a report or action, and much more will trigger your notifications.
And STELLAR HSE automatically keeps track of every email sent.

Control access to ensure effective use

Not every user needs access to every module and feature within STELLAR HSE. That’s why we have created several default user groups that you can use as is or tailor to fit each of your users. Create as many user groups as you need with permission sets that match each group

Multi-Language Options

We have managed many major HSE projects involving large organizations, coordinating multiple participants often in disparate locations around the globe, and in some cases translating our programs to their native languages. Therefore we can proudly produce and provide any of our programs in a variety of languages to support your workforce.

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