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We’ve made it fast and easy to customize all modules in our STELLAR HSE Management and Tracking software so they fit your company like a glove. Our programs come loaded with content and default settings that can be tweaked a little or a lot to meet your needs when we set you up, and for as long as you run our programs.

Building on our HSE Program to create or supplement yours

While many companies like the standardized content and forms in the HSE Program module of STELLAR HSE (particularly because they are all based on industry best practices and regulatory requirements), all of it can be customized and/or replaced to better meet your company’s HSE needs.

You can pick and choose which of our documents you want, upload your own and define how they’re organized. As your documents change, you can replace them and let STELLAR HSE automatically keep track of every version. You’ll also have access to the complete document history.  We’re also here to help you create new policies, practices and forms as needed.

Customizing our HSE Tracking Software

Our HSE Tracking module within STELLAR HSE provides many customization options. You can customize every form, every field and even add custom fields to ensure your company collects the data it needs.

Creating targeted email notifications

This module enables you to create and assign an unlimited number of email notifications based on  triggers from the HSE Tracking and HSE Program modules, as well as changes that occur on Dashboards. You select the triggers, identify who is going to receive the emails and what the email message will contain. And you can keep track of every email that is sent out.

Control access to ensure effective use

Not every user needs access to every module and feature within STELLAR HSE. That’s why we have created several default user groups that you can use as is or tailor to fit each of your users. Create as many user groups as you need with permission sets that fit each group.

Multi-Language Options

We can produce any of our programs in a variety of languages to support your workforce.

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