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Beyond the HSE policies, work practices and forms, there is a lot of field and facility work that needs specialized skills to ensure you fully meet your HSE requirements.

We’ve got an engineer for that!

Well, we have a great resource ready to help with that, a Sr. Environment & Regulatory Advisor who is a P.Eng and Master Electrician.

With his skillset, here’s a brief overview of some of the specialized HSE services we are able to offer:

  • Phase I, II and III environmental site assessments
  • Due diligence assessments
  • Phase I confidential site environmental liability assessment reports for oil and gas sites
  • Oil and gas site surface abandonment assessments
  • Management of site abandonments, surface equipment removal, contaminated soil removal, in-situ remediation, and contaminated site groundwater monitoring programs
  • Groundwater reports
  • Spill reports and remedial action reports
  • Facility applications in Alberta (AER D-56), BC (KERMIT) and Saskatchewan (ECON-47 & PNG001)
  • Pressure piping registration in Alberta (ABSA), BC (BCSA) and Saskatchewan (TSA)
  • Design and specification of storage facilities in compliance with AER D-55 storage requirements
  • Assistance with AER D-60 site flaring and venting compliance, solution gas conservation and provision of economics required to validate flaring or venting of gas above conservation guidelines
  • Green house gas site assessments and assistance with reduction initiatives
  • AER D-38 noise impact assessments to support AER D-56 facility applications
  • AER D-001 site-specific liability assessments
  • Pipeline water crossing design, and notification
  • Assistance with qualified aquatic environmental specialist (QAES) assessments
  • AER D-56, BC KERMIT and Saskatchewan Ministry of Economy (ER-724) pipeline applications complete with audit binders for new pipelines, line splits, substance change, MOP change, abandonments, reactivations and discontinuations

All of these services are available at very competitive rates, so please contact us to request a quote!

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