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Keeping your eye on the ever-moving regulatory ball for health, safety and environmental management requirements means you have to take your eye off your workers and the HSE risks they face on the ground. It also means you have to update your HSE policies, practices, procedures and forms to reflect the changes and then deliver that information to your workforce. It is not a simple task and it can tie up some of your most knowledgeable and valuable HSE resources whose time is much better spent actively identifying and implementing opportunities to make your workplace safer.

We give that time back to our customers by taking on the roles of monitor, content editor and communicator. Through our cloud-based STELLAR HSE Management and Tracking software we deliver a regulatory and monitoring service to our customers that frees up both time and money that are better spent elsewhere.

And we go beyond regulators, looking also to industry leaders and associations for new and updated best practices. The primary focus of our service is to map federal and provincial regulatory requirements and various industry requirements for HSE programs and then monitor the responsible bodies for change.

As changes are announced, we assess them for relevance to our HSE Program fundamentals and then notify our customers of what’s coming and how it may affect them. We also use the information we collect to update our library of HSE policies, practices, procedures and forms, and then we offer updated versions of those documents to our customers. All subscribing customers receive our HSE regulatory monitoring service as part of their subscription. They also receive our updated documents at no extra charge. The same goes for any new documents we need to create to address new requirements.

Once the updates are published to our STELLAR HSE Program module, email notifications are generated informing employees of the changes and requiring them to review and sign off their acknowledgement.

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