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HSE Regulatory Monitoring

Keep HSE Professionals focused on your workers

It takes a lot of time to monitor, read, compare, research and interpret HSE regulatory changes. All those hours spent following regulatory updates takes HSE Professionals away from their workers, and the risks workers face on the ground.

Stop wasting time and money following regulatory changes

Regulatory changes mean you have to set aside time to review your HSE policies, practices, procedures and forms. You have to schedule hours to update those documents so they reflect the changes. Then you have to make your workforce aware of all of the modifications.

It’s not a simple task, and it can tie up some of your most knowledgeable and valuable HSE resources. An HSE Professionals time is much better spent actively identifying and implementing opportunities to make your workplace safer.

Free up time for your HSE Professionals

We give time back to our clients by taking on the roles of monitor, content editor and communicator. Through our cloud-based STELLAR HSE Management and Tracking software, we deliver a regulatory monitoring service that frees up both time and money for our clients.

Moreover, we go beyond regulators. We follow industry leaders and associations for new and updated best practices. The primary focus of our service is to map federal and provincial regulatory requirements and various industry requirements for HSE programs and then monitor the responsible bodies for change.

A sample from our Cell Phone practice

We update individual policies and practices, and we provide a regulatory summary document for each policy and practice. That document lists all relevant HSE legislation for that policy or practice, provides excerpts of the relevant sections, and links to government documents online via free legislation databases. 

Every update, users are notified of what’s coming and how it may affect them. We also use the information we collect to update our library of HSE policies, practices, procedures and forms.

Our HSE regulatory monitoring service is a great and cost-efficient addition to a STELLAR HSE subscription. It also includes our updated documents at no extra charge and any new materials we create to address new requirements.

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