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Signing up for our STELLAR HSE Management and Tracking Software is a great first step and a solid beginning toward having a successful HSE program that meets all your regulated and corporate requirements. To ensure you get the most from our programs, we’ll help you take steps to implement your programs throughout your company, particularly where you have people in the field.

We can help spread the word and increase support of your HSE goals

Because our programs are cloud-based, it’s already pretty easy to ensure everyone has access to them, and to see who is actually using them and what they are accessing.

But implementation can go much further and we can help. In particular, we can help you define steps and processes for ensuring:

  • Managers, supervisors and workers know and understand their HSE responsibilities and are held accountable for compliance
  • Procedures are understood and followed for identifying and managing hazards
  • Procedures are understood and followed for reporting incidents and near misses
  • Hazards, incidents and near misses that are identified and reported are investigated and followed up
  • HSE work practices, procedures and forms are integrated into all aspects of day-to-day work
  • HSE objectives are set, communicated, monitored and measured (e.g., reduce wastes, increase the number of near miss reports, increase the number of HSE meetings, reduce the number of incidents)
  • Workers are trained in the specific policies, practices, and procedures that they are expected to follow and can demonstrate competence
  • Workers are trained in the use, care and maintenance of safety equipment
  • Workers report unsafe conditions and practices to their supervisors
  • HSE is included as a consideration when replacing equipment or modifying a process
  • Accurate records are kept of worker HSE training
  • Disciplinary actions are used effectively when workers violate HSE policies, practices or procedures

We’ll work with you to define your implementation needs and design a strategy that reaches the people most likely to influence success. We’ll also work with you to develop the materials (or modify materials we already have on hand) to ensure the message meets the target audience and results in successful acceptance and support of your HSE objectives.

For more information on how we can help, contact us.

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