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Simplify and standardize your HSE processes

Training your employees to use STELLAR HSE Management and Tracking Software is straightforward. We understand that you want to simplify and standardize your HSE business processes and implement a solution that provides real results.

A clear understanding of how to use our software

We created a variety of training tools and options to ensure the investment you make in HSE management pays off.

To help you reach optimal HSE performance, we offer various training options with STELLAR HSE subscriptions, including:

Program Orientations

Right after implementing STELLAR HSE, we recommend orientations for your staff. These include a tour through the program, a review of key components and features, as well as an open discussion to address comments and questions. We provide these online or in person for as many people as you like.

Program Refreshers and Reminders

Whenever there are significant changes to HSE policies, work practices, industry or regulatory requirements, or software features, we suggest a refresher orientation. These can be run online or in person and supported by videos and a variety of other materials.

Built-in Videos, Checklists and Other tools

STELLAR HSE includes How-To videos as well as Orientation videos that describe specific program features. Our HSE programs also provide orientation checklists and brochures that can be printed directly from the system or can be printed commercially in brochure format, no-carbon-required (NCR) pads, manuals or pocket guides.

On-Screen Help

STELLAR HSE includes a variety of onscreen instructions. There are even context-sensitive help popups that assist users as they work with particular features in the application. Some pop-ups can be added, customized and managed by you. Read more about that here!

Feature-Specific One-On-One Training for Program Administrators

We’ll go online with your administrator and walk through any feature as needed. Usually, we can accommodate requests with less than a day’s notice!

Custom-Built Training Videos and Materials

We can script, design and produce training videos and other materials specific to your company and your use of our programs and software. We do it all in house for a quick turn around time.

Train-the-Trainer Programs

We’re experts in developing training programs and materials for use by your staff so they can be training others on how to use STELLAR HSE. These supplies can include videos, presentations, checklists, brochures, posters as well as How-To instructions. These come in handy for onboarding new recruits.

Multi-Language Options

We can produce any of our training materials in a variety of languages to support your workforce.


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