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Analytics and Key Performance Indicators

More than just the big picture

The STELLAR HSE Management and Tracking Analytics module generates the tangible proof you need to support continuous improvement of your HSE programs and performance. You can use them to help build your business case for HSE budgeting and improvements on the worksite and elsewhere.

STELLAR HSE Management & Tracking Analytics Features

Tangible current proof

Your data automatically feeds into STELLAR HSE’s analytics, so it is always current and always in front of you.

Charts, graphs, metrics

Choose from more than 70+ built-in options for compiling and displaying your data as charts, graphs or metrics.

Convenient & ready

No more complicated spreadsheets, formulae, pivot tables and pivot charts! STELLAR HSE Analytics is ready to run!

Easy to Share

Share your charts, graphs and metrics as key performance indicators on your dashboard and the dashboards of others.

KPIs to go

Export, print and add your charts, graphs and metrics to reports, presentations, web pages, videos and more.

Create your own

With so much data at your fingertips, you can use our built-in tools to create your own unique charts and graphs to meet your needs.

What does all that data tell you about your HSE program and performance?

It tells you what’s working, what isn’t and where you need to focus your attention and budget.

The information you record from tracking incidents and leading HSE activities results in the collection of essential data.

Our Analytics module gives you more than 70+ built-in views of your data as well as tools for creating entirely new views. STELLAR HSE charts, graphs and metrics are generated and updated automatically as your data grows and changes. You can easily share your analytics with other employees, supervisors and managers in your company, and export it for use in presentations and reports.

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