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STELLAR HSE Management and Tracking for Enterprise

Fully customizable to fit your corporate structure

The STELLAR HSE Management and Tracking for Enterprise package adds a real-time oversight layer for your senior management and executive teams. The Enterprise dashboard provides a clear picture of safety performance from all subsidiaries, divisions and contractors. It also rolls it all into an Enterprise report card that gives your CEO, executive and managers what they need, when they need it.

CEO's, senior executives and managers from across your organization will appreciate these features:

  • Set HSE performance goals for each subsidiary, division and contractor, as well as for the corporation overall.
  • View current performance against goals.
  • Define when each goal falls off target and when alarm bells need to go off.
  • Trigger email notifications to executives and managers when performance falls outside of prescribed targets.
  • Escalate notifications if performance continues to deteriorate.
  • Set automatic email reminders to your executive team to periodically check in and view their dashboard for current performance stats.
  • Notify your team when corporate HSE presentations are added to Enterprise dashboard for their review.
  • Define and control access to the Enterprise Module and what each user can see and do.

STELLAR HSE for Enterprise has it all

Dashboard charts, statistical tables and key performance metrics provide a visual display of TRIF Rates, LTI Rates, Leading Indicators and more, as well as what’s trending. Charts and stats can be exported in a variety of formats, and downloaded pre-formatted corporate reports grab the data real-time so you can take your stats with you.


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