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Everyone should get home from work safely

The construction industry has one of the highest incident rates in Canada

Working at heights, excavations, noise, dust, power tools and heavy equipment are just part of the job

Whether you’re building houses or industrial structures, paving roads or repairing and maintaining infrastructure, hazards are all around you in the construction industry.

The most common fatalities are caused by the fatal four: falls, being struck by an object, electrocutions, and being caught in between two objects. Working in construction also comes with a higher chance of being struck by a vehicle.

We all know the financial costs of failing to provide for worker safety: fines, shutdowns, loss of confidence in the company, as well as myriad direct and indirect costs associated with injuries, equipment damage, environmental impacts and production losses. We also know that a distressed economy doesn’t change the fact that companies are required by law to have and maintain programs that effectively protect their workers.

Keep your construction workers safe

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