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The Origins of LibraSystem

We are often asked where LibraSystemTM came from. Where were its origins and what were its precursors? We work with LibraSystemTM day in and day out and to us it seems that it has always been there, but this is not true. There was a time when LibraSystemTM did not exist.   About 15 years […]

Happy Birthday ABCan-Track

Did you know that Version 2 of ABCan-Track is now officially one year old? Here are some interesting facts and figures: Design and development of Version 2 took two years and involved creative staff in Calgary working alongside a very talented group of developers split between Calgary and Egypt. Our team has invested more than […]

Health & Safety Program Cost vs. Profitability Part Three: Paper-based health and safety programs waste a lot more than just paper

This is a continuation of our Health & Safety Program Cost vs. Profitability series. When considering changing spending decisions, it’s easy to overlook all the paper tucked in binders on office bookshelves or stuffed under the seats of field trucks, particularly paper that contains important programs like your health and safety program. Regardless of how […]

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