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Many everyday activities can help improve your HSE performance, but if you don’t track them, you won’t know what influence they have. Although they are great for pinpointing problems, it’s no longer enough to just report on and track incidents. Leading indicators need to be tracked too in order for your company to see how proactive activities are preventing incidents and where they can be increased to further improve your HSE performance.

The HSE Tracking module of our cloud-based STELLAR HSE Management and Tracking software enables you to track a variety of proactive activities including Hazard Assessments and IDs, Inspections, Maintenance Activities, Training and even Safety Meetings. All of these activities are probably happening in your workspaces already, but recording the details and tracking related corrective actions will help complete your understanding of your company’s overall HSE performance.

With STELLAR HSE, you can stack your leading indicators up against your incidents for a much clearer picture of performance and opportunity!

Proactive activities can become value leading indicators

Record and report

Every activity recorded can automatically generate notifications that report the right details to the right people at the right time!

Make it happen!

With every proactive activity you can assign corrective or follow-up actions, and then track progress and escalate awareness.

Lead 5 ways

Track up to 5 leading indicators - Hazard Assessments and IDs, Inspections, Maintenance, Training and Safety Meetings.

Customize it yourself

STELLAR HSE is customizable, from what you track to who you notify and who can create reports. You have complete control!

Scale as you go

Choose only the indicators you need when you need them, collect only the data you want to collect and add users as needed.

Tie it together

Interpret your leading indicators through graphs and charts in the Analytics module alongside your incident data.

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