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Confined Space Entry Part 2- What should you know before entering a confined space?

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Recognizing a confined space is just the first step, in a list of many, in keeping workers safe out in the field. Once you have identified a confined space, and the hazards that may be present, what next? How should you prepare your workforce to work safely in Confined Spaces?

There are several critical questions to consider before entering a confined space and working within:

  • Do you have an entry and exit plan?
  • Has the space been evaluated for the hazards that may be present?
  • Is there enough light in the confined space for the worker to work safely?
  • Has the workers equipment been inspected to ensure it is working properly?
  • Are conditions within the confined space understood and acceptable?
  • Has a rescue plan been developed that is specific to the confined space being entered?
  • Is there an effective communication plan designed specifically for the confined space being entered?

Before entering confined spaces, a trained and experienced person should identify and evaluate all the existing and potential hazards within the confined space. They must also evaluate activities both inside and outside the confined space.

Occupational health and safety regulations require that companies have a code of practice for every confined space on their worksites. These codes should:

  • Identify all confined spaces at the worksite
  • Identify all hazards associated with each identified confined space
  • Define specific steps for preparing for and entering each confined space
  • Be maintained and periodically reviewed

Here at Alliance Borealis Canada Corp., we are in the in the business of helping companies to protect their workers and the environment. Our STELLAR HSE Management and Tracking System has a built in HSE Program and a Confined Spaces practice.

Our practice includes five key steps that meet and exceed Occupational health and safety regulations:

  1. Assigning responsibility for managing confined space entry requirements
  2. Conducting a hazard assessment
  3. Preparing the code of practice
  4. Preparing a safe work permit
  5. Developing guidelines for safe confined space entry

Although our software solutions are in the cloud, your HSE risks aren’t – they are right in front of you. Our goal is to help keep your workers safe, no matter how small the space. To learn more, give us call at 1-888-295-2808

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